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Title: 10 Sentences, 10 Genres
Rating/Warnings: G to NC-17, some Het
Summary: The genres being: 1. Angst, 2. AU, 3. Crack, 4. Future, 5. First time, 6. Fluff, 7. Humor, 8. Hurt/comfort, 9. Smut and 10. Unresolved sexual tension.

Yasu/Subaru )

Nino/Aiba )

Nino centric )

Aiba centric )

Yoko/Yasu )

Jun/Sho )

Sakamoto/Nakai )

Yoko centric )

Nagase/Koichi )

Yoko/Aiba )

Yoko/Maru )

Koichi/Tsuyoshi )

Yoko/Hina )

Yoko/Sho )

Hina/Ohkura )
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Title: Four instances of Sempai and Kouhai Love (In all of it's forms)
Pairing: Yamaguchi/Jun, Matsuoka/Sho/Aiba/Nagase, Taichi/Nino, Joshima/Ohno. But they're not really actual pairings, sorry to disappoint.
Rating: PG
Summary: The members of TOKIO and Arashi spend some quality time together.
Notes: For [livejournal.com profile] bunny_d_kate who wanted some TOKIO/Arashi love :D I really enjoyed writing these. I hope you like. Un-beta'd.

“Oh good God there's a naked man on my bed,” Sho pulls Aiba back harshly and covers his eyes with his hand, squishing his band mates nose as he pushes down a little harder then necessary. )

Title: Try, Give up and Try again
Pairing: Jun/Nino, One sided Nino/Ohno
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Ohno isn't gay.
Notes: For the lovely [livejournal.com profile] rinalin. I found it really difficult to just stick to complete, straight forward Jun/Nino for some reason so there's quite a bit of general Arashi love in here. Apologies for that. I also totally copped out on porn too. I'm a damn tease. Un-beta'd.

“Oh that really turns me on Nino. Knowing that you don't find me attractive enough to be even second on your weird band mate sex list,” Jun pauses and purses his lips, “I beat Sho though right?” )
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Title: Of Youth and Beginnings
Pairing: Slight Aiba/Jun, but just as easily could be general Arashi love.
Rating: G
Summary: Aiba is more then a little sentimental.

Aiba has a small pink phone charm on his mobile. It's sort of girlie and horrendously out of place on a phone belonging to a 26 year old man, but it's one of Aiba's little treasures. )

Title: Razor
Pairing: Ryo/Shige
Rating: PG
Summary: It takes one little object to make Shige realise what he has with Ryo.

Shige never really dwells on his and Ryo's relationship. It just is and that's good enough for him. )

A few un-beta'd drabbles/short one-shots/call them what you will that i've had lying around for a while.

One Mans hate for an inanimate object - Yoko/Maru )

My Star - Massu/Yasu )

Stage fright - Joshima/Nakai )

You can't be serious - Taro/Mimura/Nino )

Note: Before I forget, if anyone wants to prompt me, please feel free to! An object and pairing at the minimum so I'm not completely stumped, but any extra information is awesome. Expect short one-shots as I'm not really a multi-chaptered kind of lass and I usually can't stick to the 100 word limit for a real drabble. I suppose it depends on the prompt though ;) Anything goes, I'm a sucker for rare pairs so go nuts~
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Some drabbles. Oh god, why have I done this? xD All PG and lame as this is my first time writing anything in years. I suppose these are to satisfy my recent need to write something, anything.

All completely un-beta'd, so expect many mistakes which I am apologizing for in advance.

I'm going to go and die from emabarassment now. Bye.

Breaking hearts - Jun/Sho )

Late as usual - Ryo/Shige AU )

Constant - Nagase/Taichi )


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